We provide comprehensive services supporting the import of commodities from China and other Asian countries. Through direct contact of our agents with the manufacturers we are able to guarantee high product quality and selection of optimal solutions. The scope of our services covers the entire import process, from the preparation of business inquiries, through the negotiations with the manufacturers, supervision of the production process, to the organization of transport and customs clearance. Libra specializes in the full container order volumes, however, we import also smaller quantities.

In the initial stage of order fulfilment we ask the customer to submit a detailed technical specification of the product they wish to import and the expected price level. Having obtained this information, we commence negotiations with the manufacturers to determine the terms of payment and delivery, minimum order quantities and prices.

Upon completion of negotiations, we make the final selection of a Chinese partner and, based on the negotiated earlier terms and conditions, we prepare the offer that is presented to our customer. The final price includes all expenditures, i.e. production costs, quality inspection carried out by our representatives, transport to the location indicated by the customer, customs clearance, as well as our fee. The offer covers all the details of order fulfilment, such as delivery date, terms of payment, the amount of advance payment, etc. Once the customer accepts our offer, the factory may begin the production process supervised by our agents. When the production stage is complete, our representatives perform an on-site inspection of the manufactured batch in accordance with the customer's guidelines. If the results are satisfactory, we move on to the last stage, i.e. subcontracting our verified partners to carry out transport and customs procedures.

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